hi, we are Lele Crossmedia Production

LeLe Crossmedia Productions is one of the first and youngest partnerships in Poland,
incorporating international points of view, endeavors, passions, and love
for the art of cinema, photography and animation; for the opportunities
and possibilities of cross media projects. We have pride in our unity
and teamwork in accomplishing our mission.

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Latest Productions


Who were the Nazis? Who is the man called a Nazi? Are there any Nazis nowadays? Might they reappear? Where does such boundless evil come from? Is it possible to observe the moment it is born? Can seemingly innocent everyday phenomena have

Dircetor: Roza Misztela

Cinematography: Stefanie Reinhard, Tadeusz Chudy, Anita Kwiatowska-Naqvi

Editor: Joanna Więckowska


Year of production: 2018

Momo and Lulu

About LeLe

In mid-2012, Roza Misztela, Leyla Comert and Anita Kwitakowska-Naqi, then Polish Film School students, founded the company LeLe Crossmedia Production. At school they had focused on inter-departmental cooperation. They complement each other and deepen their experience. Roza Misztela – director/photographer, Leyla Cömert – director of photography and Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi – animator, joined forces not only by creating school productions but also outside school projects. Their films were presented and awarded at many festivals in Poland and abroad.